Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Welcome to Blogiorno!

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Wow, I am now BLOGGING! Today is the first day of my life!!! Yeah, right. Virtually all blogging is interesting for about 3 seconds. Why? Because most bloggers seem to subscribe to the "no thematic elements allowed" rule. This is not conducive to developing a "following". I suspect that bloggers are much like the vast majority of musicians these days, who practice their "art" mainly to amuse themselves, and few else, not realizing that there may be an audience out there trying to make sense of the balled-up mass of information. Alas, so many have deluded themselves into thinking they're complex and interesting, completely forgetting said audience.

I fully realize that such an elitist attitude does not explain why I am blogging. So why do I do it? The obvious answer--as alluded to above--is that I do it to amuse myself, so at least one person is therefore being entertained. ("Hypocrite", you may say, to which I reply, "Patience, my pet...let me finish my thought(s).") A slightly better answer could be found in the annals of classic Simpsons lines, as quoted by Homer (Simpson, not the Greek poet): "Ah, the mysteries of life." But the most "complex and interesting" answer I can offer is also the most accurate: This blog, unlike most blogs, is actually ABOUT something, namely Italy. So you see, I, the blogger, enjoy relating to you, the blogee, all of the wit and wisdom I can conjure up about Italy and all she offers, but without the persistent sugar-coating that plagues most writers who seem to think that Italians can do no wrong, such that they long-ago converted all of their unneeded confessional booths into gelaterias for the sweaty masses trampling through the venerable catholic churches.