Thursday, October 21, 2004

My Newer Direction

My Dear Friend(s),

Previously I had stated that I would erase this Blog and start over, only in the Italian language. This was and is a fine idea, as I would like to continue learning the Italian language. However I have realized that if I did this, the one or two people in the vast "e-community" who may actually stumble upon this site whilst looking for bizarre oddities of the world, would, statistically speaking, most likely not be able to read and/or understand Italian, and thus would miss this important work which I like to refer to as "my art". So, I've decided to post mostly in English, but occasionally in Italian as well. My Italian is, sans my dictionary and other aids, somewhat sophmoric, so don't be too impressed.

(Translation: "See you later")

Friday, October 15, 2004

My New Direction

Dear Friend(s),

I've decided to erase all entries in this "blog" and start over, only from now on all entries will be in the Italian language, in keeping with the title of this important blogging work. This new-found direction will commence immediately, or when I get around to it. Soak in these last few words of English while you can.