Monday, December 07, 2009

U.S. Senator: Knox Trial Shows "Deep Flaws of Italian Justice"

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As you may know, a big legal case was settled a few days ago in Perugia, Italia: A college student from Seattle, Washington was found guilty of the crime of murder against an innocent British girl, bringing to conclusion a sordid and truly horrible case.

In the wake of this verdict, Blogiorno has been somewhat "dismayed" at some Americans' seemingly wholesale disregard for the Italian judicial system and the decision against the she-devil named Amanda Knox (also self-proclaimed as "Foxy Knoxy").

Alas, a genius from the U.S. government, the Washington state Senator named Maria Cantwell [pictured, below], has made some ridiculous comments in the press about the "unfair" nature of this trial [see article below], a trial about which all she knows has come from the ludicrous American press. As Blogiorno has intimated many times before, the American press largely doesn't report the actual news any longer; instead, they play soundbites upon which they can make social commentary from their own skewed, intensely urban, elitist points of view--other than that they're great, haha.

U.S. Senator, Maria Cant[think]well

Furthermore, one wonders if Amanda Knox weren't "Amanda", but instead, oh, "Chuck" Knox, would Maria Cantwell and all the rest of the female elitists on T.V. be as outraged? (We say that only because the howls of protest have been from women; sorry, it's true.) Could a dose of sexism and/or blind nationalism be the reason(s) for these irresponsible and idiotic quips? And what about the "deep flaws" in Amanda Knox which led to the death of a British citizen?

My dear friends, first of all, Amanda Knox was absolutely guilty of involvement in this horrible crime, and to prove this she tried to stage a fake burglary, deposited her DNA all over the victim, weapon and crime scene, and later told numerous differing stories (also known as "lies") to Italian authorities, at one point even accusing a completely innocent man--her employer no less--of the crime, throwing up every roadblock she could to evade justice. Also my friends, please know that the aforementioned press comments by the U.S. Senator are truly regrettable, do not represent all of America and, most importantly, are an affront to Blogiorno.

Therefore, Blogiorno figuratively and cheerily spits into the demonic ocular cavities of Amanda Knox, her co-conspirators of the murder and the disingenuous, elitist Americans who proclaim that justice can only be administered in America. Okay then, that was difficult but eminently necessary. But let's end on a positive note, shall we? Yes, let's do. It's our pleasure to present to you, our dear readers, the offending news article! Enjoy! [Click to enlarge.]

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