Monday, January 18, 2010

UNLOCKED: The iPhone in Italy

Hello friends!

Here at Blogiorno, we like Apple products. We use Apples. We like Macs. And we like iPhones. In this post, we present to you, our dear readers, a little article about Apple's iPhone in Italia, and how in Italy, iPhones are "unlocked". What does this mean? Basically it means that in Italy, the iPhone is not locked down to be usable with only one carrier; with an unlocked phone you can register and use it on any cellphone network.

Here in America we do not get the unlocked iPhone. We are kept down. We are kept down, faces in puddles of brown, fetid water. We are kept down by powerful, faceless corporations. We are kept down by nocturnal corporate lobbyists, eyes bulging like mangy possums, their high-priced wingtip dress shoes pressed firmly upon our necks...if possums wore wingtip dress shoes...which, you know, they could. It is within the realm of are our dreams, dear friends, as are our dreams.


Anyway, this doesn't mean you cannot get an iPhone in America unlocked; you can but it's illegal and you'll pay thousands for it on the "black market". But Maria cara, I wish I had an unlocked iPhone. That way I could use it on any cellphone network I choose. Che peccato, non e possible...but brava Italia*, you get the unlocked iPhone, and this is quite a coup!

Enjoy the article! Feel free to comment...or not, I don't care.


*Brava, that is, unless the powers that be haven't already locked down Italian iPhones.